Welcome to this former website of the Gary Husband �New� Trio - a group I led from around late 1998 to January 2003, featuring Mick Hutton on bass, Gene Calderazzo at the drums and myself playing piano, keyboards and samples etc.

The website was kindly and elegantly designed, built and maintained by Paul Hammond, to whom I offer much gratitude.

The group, it�s development, constant spirit of invention and commitment through those years have provided me with lots of happy and fulfilling memories - all of which I cherish. So much so, I thought it would be a nice idea to keep a slimmed-down version of this website still operating, just perhaps as a little memento. In it you�ll find some photos, reviews of shows/recordings and general odd bits and pieces.

The music lives on, for posterity, in the form of the following CD�s - "From The Heart" (1999) and "Aspire" (2004), both Jazzizit Records releases.

I�d like to take the opportunity to profoundly thank Paul, Mick, Gene, Pete King at Ronnie Scott�s, Brian Nott at Jazzizit Records, drummer Asaf Sirkis (who admirably stepped in on a few occasions for Gene Calderazzo), the BBC�s Jazz On 3 team, Nicky Leighton-Thomas ... and all who came and supported us, and listened!

Yours sincerely in music,

Gary Husband